The Risk Management Workbook for Physical Security Leaders

Reassessing Risk Management Practices for Stronger Business Continuity

Risk Management Workbook - cover mockup

For stronger business continuity, you need a solid risk management plan.


A risk management plan is an essential component of your business continuity plan and your overall business plan. After the pandemic of 2020, 65% of physical security leaders quickly switched gears to recover from vulnerabilities in health and safety plans. Are you one of them? 


This workbook will help you identify the top risks for your organization and will show you how, by efficiently managing your security workforce, you can ensure compliance to security and safety protocols.


What you'll read in this ebook:

  • Evaluating safety & security protocols responding to business risk
  • An analysis of the likelihood & consequences of potential risk
  • A prioritized risk response action plan
  • A comprehensive way to manage, minimize, and proactively prevent risk from occurring

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