The State of Corporate Security 2021

Challenges, Insights, and Solutions for Corporate Security Professionals

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What’s top of mind for corporate security executives facing 2021?


78% of corporate leaders had training and accountability challenges entering 2021 while 93% shifted priorities to health and safety. How did they solve these issues?


In surveying over 350 corporate security executives, security managers, and directors, we hope to spread light on the most pressing issue facing our clients and other professionals in the industry.


"In many organizations, the work from home options have not only created the need to operate on-site with fewer officer resources, but has also put a strain on the cybersecurity side of the operation ... with that, new technologies that will need to be implemented to adjust to the new normal securely." 

- Patrick McNulty, Security Consultant and Former Senior Executive in the Security Industry


What you'll read in this ebook:

  • Priorities shifts and exposed vulnerabilities due to the pandemic
  • Challenges currently facing in 2021
  • How the pandemic impacted overall goals
  • Solutions used to combat current challenges

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